Introducing The BLACK SHEEP:

Ard van Beek, Netherlands, FIDE 2052
Manuel Bosboom, Netherlands, FIDE 2401 IM
Dennis Brokken, Netherlands, FIDE 2286
Pontus Carlsson, Sweden, FIDE 2496 GM
Frans Cuijpers, Netherlands, FIDE 2496 IM
Marvin Dekker, Netherlands Antilles, FIDE 2200
Jop Delemarre, Netherlands, FIDE 2421 IM
Maaike Delemarre, Netherlands Antilles, FIDE 1922 WCM
Cor van Dongen, Netherlands, FIDE 2381
Derek Donnelly, Scotland, FIDE 0000
Mark Haast, Netherlands, FIDE 2249
Jelmer Hoeksma, Netherlands, KNSB 2189
Joost Hoogendoorn, Netherlands, FIDE 2412 FM
Ruud Janssen, Netherlands, FIDE 2512 IM
Hans Klarenbeek, Netherlands, FIDE 2412 IM

Lody Kuling, Netherlands, FIDE 2218
Micha Lekawael, Netherlands, KNSB 0000

Fabio Mensing, Netherlands Antilles, FIDE 2200
Eric de Moor, Netherlands, KNSB 2043
Willem Muhren, Netherlands, FIDE 2198
Staffan Olsen, Sweden, FIDE 2200
Cas Overzier, Netherlands, KNSB 1644
Robert Ris, Netherlands, FIDE 2395 IM
Marc Razoux Schultz, FIDE 0000
Wouter van Rijn, Netherlands, FIDE 2161 FM
Mark van Schaardenburg, Netherlands, FIDE 2262
Wouter Spoelman, Netherlands, FIDE 2564GM
Robin Swinkels, Netherlands, FIDE 2483 IM
Mathew Tan, Netherlands, FIDE 2395
Dennis de Vreugt, Netherlands, FIDE 2447 GM
Eelco de Vries, Netherlands, FIDE 2200
Loek van Wely, Netherlands, FIDE 2675 GM
Jeroen Willemze, Netherlands, FIDE 2414 FM
Lorena Zepeda, El Salvador, FIDE 2152 WM

Last update JUNE 19 2011
New members since 2011

BLACK SHEEP outfit now available

Working together intensively Derek Donelly (Logo), Joost Janssen (Design) and Ard van Beek have developed the ultimate Chess Soccer Shirt.
The BLACK SHEEP 'special edition' outfits are now available.

You can choose your own "Player Name" and favourite number
Shirt front side

Derek Donnelly designer of the BLACK SHEEP logo

Derek Donnelly - I am 46 years old and an HGV driver. I am married with a 9 year old son. I am from Campbeltown on the west coast of Scotland but I now live in the North East of England. I joined the army when I was 16 and served for 17 years. I always had ambitions to be an animator and applied to go to college. Unfortunately my acceptance to Glasgow College for animation arrived 3 days after I joined up. I mainly draw as a hobby however I do receive many requests for freelance work and I'm always happy to oblige.